Legendary Tan
UV Free airbrush spray tanning is a safe, natural alternative to tanning with ultra-violet light. Our trained airbrush technician will evenly spray a fine mist of the airbrush solution over your entire body, or just the areas that you want tanned. The technique produces even color and an amazing tan that can last 5-7 days or longer with proper care. We use Norvell™ products in our airbrush equipment. We have used other airbrush solutions in the past, and have found that Amber Sun by Norvell has a better scent, faster drying time and the most natural color of all of the products that we have used.

What types of bronzers are used in Norvell’s Amber Sun Sunless Tanning Solution?Three different types of bronzers are used in Norvell Sunless Spray Tanning Solution. The one that is visible immediately is a cosmetic bronzer which gives the “just off the beach” look but will wash away. (For best results, it should stay on the skin at least 8 hours). The DHA bronzer initially has no visible effect but begins to react with the skin in 2-4 hours and eventually replaces the cosmetic bronzer as it washes off with bathing. The ingredient “Eyrthulose” is a third type of slow-reacting bronzer, similar to DHA, which enhances your color and extends the life of your tan.

What is DHA?DHA is an acronym for Dihydroxyacetone. DHA is a ingredient derived from sugar cane, which reacts with the amino acids in your skin to create the darkening reaction or tan. DHA is non-toxic, non carconogenic and was first discovered in 1957. DHA was first introduced by coppertone in the 1960's and has been permanently approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes since 1970.

L.A. Sun offers custom airbrush spray tans by appointment. We also offer mobile airbrush tanning from Longview Washington to Portland Oregon as well. Please call to set up your appointment and for additional information about airbrush tans. 

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