We offer many different package options to fit your tanning needs. Whether you are tanning for a special occassion, getting ready to go on vacation, tan year round or just want to tan one time, our goal is to find the right package for you. We have friendly, well trained, non-commissioned staff ready to answer any questions you may have and find the right tanning package for you without any high pressure sales tacticts. 


You will pay a little more for sessions than you do for monthly packages, but we have many package options to fit your needs. Session packages are offered on all of our beds as well as mytic and airbrush tans!
Tanning sessions are best for tanners that want to tan once or tan occassionally and don't want to worry about buying a package and not getting to use it. Whether you are buying a single tan or a package of 50, your sessions never expire!


With our monthly tanning packages, you can buy  just a single month or a 3, 6, or 12 month tanning package.  We offer monthly packages on every level of tanning bed. You get discounts on upgraded beds and mystic tans as well. There are no contracts, no commitments, no cancellation notices and no credit/debit card needed on file for automatic debit.


The easy pay plan is the perfect solution if you like to tan regularly or year round and like the idea of not spending a lot of money to do it. The easy pay plan offers you the LOWEST possible rates as well as great benefits for as long as you are signed up. You earn free upgrades, and bonus bucks to use  on upgrades and toward lotion purchases. You also get great discounts for tans on upgraded beds, mystic tans, and custom airbrushing everyday! 
We offer unlimited monthly easy pay programs on all of our beds, bed/mystic tan combo, mystic only and for custom airbrush tans. Plans start at only $27.72 per month.
With the easy pay plan, you are committed to paying the low monthly fee via an automatic direct debit from your debit/credit card for a minimum of 3 monthly billing cycles, then you can cancel anytime thereafter with a 30 days written notice.

*See salon for details